Frequently Asked Questions

Common Roofing Questions


How do I know when it’s time for a new roof?

                You can usually tell if you need a new roof by doing a visual inspection.  If your roof is worn, cracking, peeling, missing pieces, or visibly leaking it might be time for a new roof.  However, in some cases you may just need a repair or tune-up.  One of our estimators should be able to help you with this decision at the time of your free estimate.


Is Sierra Pacific Roofing Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

                Yes, Sierra Pacific Roofing has been licensed, bonded and insured since its inception.  We carry a two million dollar limit ($2,000,000.00) liability insurance policy and all of our employees are covered by our Workman’s Compensation policy.


Should I paint my house before or after the new roof is installed?

                This can depend on several factors.  If your house is split level, then remember the painter will have to get on the roof to paint the upper level.  So, there is a chance of damaging your new roof, if it is done first.  An experienced painting contractor should be able to paint without damage, but make sure they are familiar with your type of roof and discuss who is responsible should they damage it.  If your home is a single story, then painting prior to the roof is not a problem, but there will be some dust and debris when your old roof is torn off and the new one installed.  If you paint first, ask your painter how much a follow up visit would cost to make any minor touch-ups, or paint replaced shiplap, fascia or trim that may have had dryrot or termite damage.  We will be happy to prime and paint the boards replaced by our company, if you have extra paint.


How much does replacing dryrot or termited wood usually cost?

                Although most of the homes we roof do not have dryrot or termite damage, sometimes we do find bad wood.  After your old roof is torn off, our foreman will inspect all of your sheathing (spaced or solid), fascia, rafters and trim and give you an estimate of wood that needs to be replaced.  The cost to replace 1x4 to1x8 shiplap or skip sheeting usually runs about $3.50 per lineal foot.  The cost to replace 1x4 up to 2x8 fascia boards usually runs about $4.50 per lineal foot.  All other odd sized boards, larger boards or rafters can be priced on the job.  Also any fascia boards or rafters on the second story or above will have an additional charge.


How long will it take to replace my roof from start to completion?

                On an average size home (approximately 3000 square foot roof area), it will usually take 3-5 working days.  If you have a large home, a steep pitched roof, or bad access to the roof it will take longer.  You will be given an approximate completion time at the time of your free estimate.


What precaution should I take before you tear off my old roof?  Do I need to move out?

                Although the tear off process is a loud and sometimes dirty job, there is no reason to move out of your house.  We will do everything we can to make this as quiet and clean as we can.  The tear off is usually completed in a few hours or full day.  We will cover around the perimeter of the house with our tarps.  If you have any pottery, furniture or other items below or near the roof line, you should move them to a safe area.  Also any cars, motorcycles, boats or other valuables in the driveway, garage and attic should be moved,  covered or stored until the tear off is complete.  Some dust and debris will fall into these areas.  We will clean the garage and exterior of the home completely of any tear off debris.  Inside the house make sure there are no vases, mirrors or other loose items that could be knocked down by slight vibration.  With the workers walking on the roof there will be some movement and anything not secured will have a chance to move.  Before the tear off begins please close all windows and doors.


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