Frequently Asked Questions (cont.)

Will you remove and replace my satellite dish / antenna?

            If you have an antenna on your roof attached to a pipe, chimney or other penetration we can, in most cases, move it and replace it after the roof is complete.  However, with Satellite dishes (Direct TV, Dish Network, etc.) we will not be able to touch these.  Our workers are instructed to stay away from these.  If they are touched or moved slightly they will lose their signal, and need to be reset by the provider for a fee.  If your dish is mounted to the roof, please notify your provider and schedule them to come out and move the dish.  You preferably want the dish mounted on your fascia board, a vent pipe coming through the roof or your chimney.  Sierra Pacific Roofing will work with the provider to make his job as easy as possible.


My trees and/or bushes are covering my roof.  Will you trim them?

                Yes, our crews will trim trees and/or bushes away from the roof so that the work can be completed in a safe manner.  However, we are not landscape or tree experts.  If you are concerned about the appearance or health of a particular tree, plant or bush, we would recommend hiring a professional arborist to trim these prior to the beginning of work.


Does Sierra Pacific Roofing pull all permits necessary for the roof project and schedule inspections?

                Yes, prior to starting your roof project, we will obtain all necessary permits and licenses required by your city or county offices.  We will also schedule all necessary inspections.  On rare occasions, a home may not receive a final approval due to work on other parts of the house that do not meet city or county codes.  If, for example, you had an addition put on your home and did not receive a final inspection for that, they will not approve the roof until all changes are brought up to code.  We will do our best to inform you of any outstanding permits or code violations you may have prior to starting the job.  We do not include any costs for code compliance or upgrades in our contract with you.

Do you need to use our electricity during construction?

                Yes, we will need access to a plug with preferably a 20 amp circuit.  We need power for our saws and compressor.  If you have weak circuits, we will need access to the circuit box.  The power used throughout the project is minimal.