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Every SteelROCK panel is formed from 26-gauge Galvalume® steel and covered with natural stone granules that are embedded in a 100% acrylic resin basecoat. The panels are then finished with a clear acrylic over-glaze to seal and protect the stone granules.

SteelROCK panels are not only strong, lightweight and durable but they’ve also surpassed the industry’s highest performance tests to date. All of SteelROCK’s *blended colors are enhanced with flashes of rock granules in either a dark or light accent to add a subtle beauty to the roof’s overall appearance.

The panels are backed by a lifetime* limited warranty covering 120-mph winds and a Class-4 Hail impact (UL 2218) resistance rating. SteelROCK is proud to offer today’s homeowners and builders a product that will provide years of maintenance free protection and beauty.


Combining the strength of today's high yield Galvalume¨ steel with the most popular tile design on the market, Villa-Tile offers the best protection for your home - without sacrificing beauty. At only 1.5 lbs. per square foot, Villa-Tile is one of the lightest roofing tiles available, which means you can enjoy the beauty of a tile roof without the worry of excessive weight.

Whether you're in need of a new or replacement roof, Villa-Tile's angular design and graceful slopes create a rich and deep profile that is suitable for numerous architectural styles and complies with most homeowner's association guidelines.

Our Villa-Tile design helps to protect your home from fire, high winds, hail and snow by coupling steel and rock into a single shield against the elements. Villa-Tile's high-tech construction makes it the permanent solution for your home.



Finally, a modern twist on traditional home roofing is made available with SteelROCK Pacific-Shake. This lightweight and durable combination of Galvalume steel and finely graded natural stone creates the classic wood shake appearance while maintaining all of modern day benefits. SteelROCK’s Pacific-Shake is the perfect addition to any traditional style home, melding fire-resistant materials with the classic look of wood, to create a truly superior roofing alternative.

With deep wood grain impressions and a variety of natural and synthetic colors, SteelROCK Pacific-Shake roofing beautifully compliments any variety of architectural models. The charming, wood-like appearance makes Pacific-Shake the perfect replacement for any outdated, unsafe traditional wood roof without compromising the authentic warm feel of your home. With Class-A fire resistance, 120-mph wind resistance, and at only 1.5lb sq. ft., all backed by a limited lifetime product, and a non-prorated appearance warranty, Pacific-Shake is the best choice to keep your traditional style home in like-new condition.



As one of the lightest roofing tiles on the market, SteelROCK Pacific-Tile is the perfect addition to any modern home. The geometric, angular design, complete with sloping edges to give a refined finish, add elegance and dimension to contemporary Mediterranean homes, while the classic earth tones and virtually maintenance free durability enable this versatile product to suit any architectural styling.

This creatively textured roof adds a little flare to modern suburban neighborhoods, while allowing a conformity of appearance with the surrounding architecture. Not only is this product adaptable to climate changes and weather hazards, but has remained consistently fashionable with the changing home design trends. Whether you live in a seaside community or an inland oasis, with a SteelROCK Pacific-Tile roof, your home will look and feel like a Mediterranean sanctuary.

In a continuous effort to reach the peak of complete customer satisfaction, SteelROCK's Pacific-Tile is a product that is sensible, safe, and stylish. With the combination of steel, rock, and creativity, SteelROCK’s Pacific-Tile is light enough for any home, safe from the ravishes of fire, wind, and hail, and held up in a style class of its own.