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Barrel Vault
Gerard Barrel Vault panel replicates the appearance of traditional Spanish tile roofs without the excessive weight of clay or concrete. Gerard’s Barrel Vault provides homes with unsurpassed performance and natural beauty found in homes or buildings with a Spanish mission design. This style of roof has become increasingly popular among homeowners in Florida, and the surrounding Gulf Coast states, because of its ability to withstand hurricane force winds. Barrel Vault is also a popular choice in the Western United States, due to its ability to
reflect the sun’s radiant heat and cool quickly through convection.
Canyon Shake
Gerard Canyon Shake panels outperform traditional roof systems constructed from wood material found in the most severe climates. Wood shake roofing materials break down and become brittle from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays. If a roof experiences heavy foot traffic or is in an area that has frequent hail storms, the impact of these scenarios can cause severe interior deterioration. The fastening method used for wood shake is susceptible to wind uplift. Lastly, wood shake are highly combustible and can easily be ignited from air borne embers. Achieve the look of rugged wood shingles without any of the drawbacks with are Gerard Canyon Shake profile.


Gerard's Tile profile is the ideal choice for residents who want to achieve the beauty of tile without the tremendous weight this type of roofing material bares on the frame work and truss. Weighing just 1.4 lbs per square foot, achieve the beauty and look of Mediterranean tile, and relieve the burden of stress placed on a building’s infrastructure. Concrete roofing material expands and contracts in changing climate conditions causing severe damage to the roof’s underlayment.
Guardian Shingle & Granite Ridge
Gerard’s Granite Ridge and Guardian profiles provide an alternative to high-end composite architectural shingles. Asphalt and composite shingles break down from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays causing them to fade, deteriorate, and curl. Traditional shingle material is also prone to damage cause by foot traffic, hail, and wind up lift. Gerard Granite Ridge and Guardian can easily be installed directly over an existing asphalt roof reducing the amount material disposed in landfills.